Manifest Creative connects photographers, cinematographers, and innovative creatives with companies seeking talent. 


Our Services

We love to work together with our clients, whether it's from the beginning of an idea or further down the line, we offer creative solutions and workflows that make a big difference. Working together we can always produce the best creative work out of the time and budget.

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You may select from a variety of services to fit your needs and organization.

  • Production: We will work with you to plan and execute productions of any length. Services include story-boarding, filming, post-production, and final publication. This is our most comprehensive offering, and the most popular choice for our partners.
  • Short Clips: Need a quick, easy video as soon as possible? These 30 second to 1 minute no-frills projects include filming, basic post-processing, and near-immediate publication to various social network platforms.
  • Events: Want to increase the reach of your events and programs? Event productions include all the features of our Production services. Contact us for more details.
  • Series: Have a repeating event that needs to be filmed and published on a defined schedule? We can streamline the process! We'll create a template, film your events, and publish your productions through our Vimeo and YouTube.

We also offer ad hoc services to meet your needs:

  • Filming Only: We will come to an event or meeting, film at a specified quality and for a specified period, and transfer the raw video directly to you for your own editing or production.
  • Post-Production Only: You provide us with footage, and we will provide requested editing services before transferring full-resolution output back to you.

Production Services

Our producers will create and develop multimedia content for customer stories, internal company announcement videos, external promotional social media videos, product marketing videos, recruiting videos, corporate training and other enterprise-wide projects. Let us show you what we can do!

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Production & On-Site Management

Creative Consultation 

Budget Management

Location & Studio Rentals

Location Scouting

Casting & Fittings

Crew bookings: Cinematographers, Gaffers, Camera Operators, Grip, Costume Designers, Script Supervisors, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Stylists, and Production Assistants, etc.

Sets & Props Styling/ Production Design

Crew Accommodation

Catering / Craft Service


Grading & Editing 

Our team can craft your project from raw rushes through to stunning completion. Our process allow fast and easy flow of your projects through to our grading and finishing rooms. Our editors and grading artists are talented, fast and highly experienced in broadcast, drama, film and commercials work.

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Photo and Video Production

As people continue to gravitate to information they can consume quickly and visually, we know that photos and videos are a crucial part of client services. Video is everywhere — from traditional delivery platforms such as television to the smartphone in your pocket. We collaborate closely with internal clients and stakeholders to help facilitate the creation of multimedia content.

We specialize in portraits, lifestyle, events, products, wine, food, real estate and architecture photography.  We also develop videos for corporate productions (e.g. conferences, seminars, meetings, panel discussions) and behind the scenes videos (e.g. the making of a music video, films, events). Learn more

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Representing the careers of cinematographers and photographers of a diverse group in the worlds of fashion, art and design, offering a complete approach from contract negotiation to overall career management.


Artist Development and Management

We don’t actually ‘develop talent’ or find someone's innate artistic abilities—we find talent and focus on developing skills to perform tasks, and help our artists become experts on what they do as a business function. Managing your growth is essential to becoming a successful artist.


Our development plan is simple, we start with a genuine, sincere love of our art and the desire to be a part of it. Manifest Creative, Inc. is a culture of development. We will bring focus, resources, expertise to your career and professional development. We are committed to creating and consistently maintaining a clear and honest image of your work. Our plan is a combination of creative and business issues that must be dealt with to make your art, and the business surrounding your artwork, run smoothly.